Street Food Hunting in Seoul

Food is the ‘soul’ of Seoul. More than the ‘oppas’ and the sightseeing destinations, travelling to South Korea for food makes the trip worth it.

One of the best things that make Seoul a foodie haven it is that, you do not have to go too far away from the streets to find the best food hubs and the best food. The streets are made colourful by the assortment of goods available. Going hungry is never an option.

Myeongdong street food

Myeongdong is a vibrant commercial district that you could not miss if what you are looking for is good food. This shopping complex features a wide array of food stalls after food stalls. There are a lot of must-try dishes here, including the following:

  • Tteokbokki – Koreans love their rice cake spicy and unique. This dish is the perfect example of that. Often served with veggie tempura as sides, this hot and spicy meal gives off a nice kick along with some gooey, sticky texture.
  • Sundae – Unlike in other parts of the world where ‘sundae’ refers to dessert, Korea’s version is pretty interesting. It is basically a pork blood sausage, which also features sticky rice, sweet potato starch vermicelli, and spices.
  • Tornado Fries – This one will surely sit in nicely in your stomach, even when you are not too familiar with the Korean taste. Tornado Fries is just spiced baked potato that is carved and skewered to look anything other than simple. It tastes good and makes for a nice light snack that you will not have a problem bringing along as you scout the shopping streets of Myeongdong.
  • Honey Butter Garlic Shrimp – Seafood lovers will find this dish praiseworthy with its unique mixture of exciting flavours. During winter, this meal is served with a free hot soup to keep you warm.

Namdaemun street food

Namdaemun is another busy district teeming with locals and foreign guests alike. People come here for wholesale shopping and of course, for the food. Here are some of the things you will come across while roaming the streets:

  • Bulgogi – This signature recipe of Seoul is not difficult to find along the Naemdamun shopping district. A lot of stalls feature it here. Bulgogi is spiced beef grilled to perfection. It can be eaten with rice, in a bun, or in heated tortilla.
  • Odeng – A street food staple in Namdaemun market, this fishcake recipe served in a clear broth with radish is a breather. It is refreshing as much as it is delicious. Just don’t mind the fishcake looking like skewered intestines and you will be able to dunk this into your stomach happily.
  • Bibimbap – Possibly the most popular rice meal in all of Seoul, Bibimbap is a fusion of flavours, colours, and interesting tastes. There’s rice, colourful veggies, which may include watercress, mung bean sprouts, and carrots, spiced stir-fried beef, and sunny-side up egg. It’s ultimately a filling meal.

Those are just some of our favorite Seoul street food features. Once you try them, we are sure that you will also develop a liking towards them as much as we did.

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