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Good food almost always commands the quality of travel experience. You can never say you enjoyed a destination when you went hungry roaming around because you cannot find something that will please your palate. That is not to say you should skip local food when you travel and stick to international fare that you are familiar with. Otherwise, you lose the whole point of exploring a new culture, indulging on new experiences, and going adventurous all the way.

You can well try whatever is there in your destination and enjoy the food adventure alright. You just have to remember a few notes:

  • Do your research. Before setting off on the journey, learn as much as you can about your destination, including the must-try local food. By doing some thorough research, you will know what goes into those dishes and make certain you could stomach it or not.
  • Scout the popular/national dishes. Every nation has a recipe that they call truly their own. Sometimes, that’s all that you need to try in order to get a grasp of the local culture. If you cannot take the dish, settle for the next best.
  • Go where the crowd is. The number of locals swarming in a food joint should be your signal that it is a good store to try.
  • Observe table etiquettes. People from all over the world have different ways enjoying food. While it may seem unethical for some to sip their soup soundly at some destinations, it could be the highest form of appreciation in another. Know your manners and learn how to play them.
  • If it is going to risk your health, drop it. Any restaurant or food hub that does not seem to follow sanitation guidelines must be ignored. You would not want to get an upset stomach just because you are eager to try local fare. Check out the cleanliness of the place and as much as possible, how they prepare food.

If you want the best experience of your destination, trying their local food is a good measure. Restaurants from around the world are as varied as varied can get. Local and international cuisines, traditional and exotic food, they are all available for the taking. In the end, it will all boil down to how adventurous you are and how strong your stomach is.

I am Thelma Clinton, and on my 30 something. I have been circuiting the world for food myself. That’s how I knew all those things. As an excited foodie, I set off on a world tour to discover what it’s like dining in another part of the globe. I was not disappointed because I have made and is still making thrilling discoveries along the way; discoveries that I want to share with you through this blog. In time, I expect I would have a more vivid idea of what my restaurant should be like so I could well impart my locale’s culture and distinctiveness by providing interesting discoveries at the food table. Yes, it’s restaurant blog for now, a land-based restaurant in the near future!

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