Dine Out in the Caribbean, What’s Food Like in Paradise

The Caribbean Islands are famous for beach seekers who want a piece of paradise on earth. While it is true that all of the islands are never short of amazing attractions for any excited tourist, it is not only the clear blue waters and amazing sunsets that are worth to explore.

Caribbean offers an interesting array of dishes that you should never skip, as you would not want to as much of the islands that you can hop into. Here are some of the must-tries:

  • Roasted pig – Lechón is a popular dish with influences from the Spanish. You should not miss this when you come over to explore Puerto Rico. They are widely offered at roadside food stands almost all over.
  • Jerk Meats – This is one of the Caribbean’s signature flavours. Jerk is basically a spice rub that will give any kind of grilled meat some kick. Jerk meats are served almost at every stop so you would not have any difficulty finding it but Jamaica’s offerings are certainly the best.
  • Seafood, seafood, and more seafood. Eating fresh at the Caribbean means eating what the sea can offer. There is a wide array of seafood dishes available in all of the islands and you can try them at their freshest here. All the fish, shellfish, and shrimp that you can imagine can be found here.
  • Conch – The Caribbean is rich with the wealth of water and this unique delicacy is a known favourite among locals and foreigners alike. It’s a variety of sea snail that is made many ways, especially in Cayman Islands. There’s a conch stew, salad, or soup that you must never miss to try.
  • Rice – The Caribbean islanders are hearty rice eaters. They serve a good load of dishes with rice, either as a side dish or a main course. When you come over for visits, make sure that you try any of the available rice recipes, from rice and peas to the long list of arroz dishes.

Although the Caribbean is surrounded with water and is no doubt abundant with seafood, there are also other local produce that make for interesting recipes. For one, fritters are quite common whichever part of the island you might want to be. There are also good servings of street snacks that you will simply find difficult to put down. Prepare your stomach for a gastro adventure when you come over.

The Best Island to Eat In

Although the Caribbean islands are all worth to see and have some great dishes worth to try, Puerto Rico is for us, offers the best culinary adventure. Its strong American and Spanish influences have brought in extravagant delicacies that you could not miss. Apart from lechón asado, there’s asopao, mofongo, and a wide variety of fritters that you cannot skip simply because you will miss one great food adventure if you do. Those popular dishes are available at a variety of food stops, from roadside eateries to even fine dining places.

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