How do You Choose the Best Tile Enhancer Sealer Travertine in Australia?

Tile enhancer sealers are essential in maintaining the beauty of the natural looks and durability of travertine stones. The kinds of tile enhancer sealer travertine you utilize must be a good match with the stones. Moreover, it’s necessary that you comply with the appropriate procedures and steps in applying sealer on your stones to generate positive end results. 

Kinds of Tile Enhancer Sealers

1. Penetrating Sealers 

These sealers absorb through the stones’ surfaces. Penetrating sealers make the stones’ external surfaces retain their original natural looks. This kind of tile enhancer sealer travertine doesn’t emit remnants of films on the stones’ surfaces. Penetrating sealers also don’t peel nor flake off. 

2. Enhancing Sealers 

These sealers highlight, retain, and improve the stones’ original color. If you don’t want the stone’s surface to get a glossy look, apply enhancing sealer on it. This type of tile enhancer sealer travertine protects the stones against beverages stains. 

3. Topical Sealers 

Topical sealers are absorbed within the external parts of the stone’s surfaces. So, this kind of tile sealer is the source that generates a glossy look. As the sealer applied age, though, it tends to wear off. So, the downside in utilizing topical sealers is that you often need to regularly put them on. This situation is more so applicable when the stone’s surface is utilized one way or another often. To maximize getting an utmost protection, put massive amounts of sealer coatings on the stones’ surfaces. 

Steps in Putting on Travertine Sealers 

1. Clean the Tiles 

Pick the tiles that’ll match with the kind of travertine tile sealer you’ll decide to put on. Various chemical elements interact in different means. Follow cleaning instructions when you clean your tiles. Clean the tiles before you put on the sealer. After cleaning the tiles, rinse them thoroughly with water, and leave them to dry for approximately 60 minutes. Once dried, remove dust or residue from them. 

2. Apply the Sealer 

Put on the sealer that you put on a roller-shaped foam on the stone on top of the water sprayed on the surface. Let the application dry for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, use a cloth in removing excessive amount of sealer. Apply the next batch of sealer application on the stone. Let the application absorb on the surface for 24 hours, prior to utilizing the surface again, for any purpose. 

Reapplying the sealer varies on the amount and frequency of foot and other activities the stone tiles get. 

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